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Parabien S.R.L., is the data processor, which, in application of the requirements of the Italian privacy guarantor and the general data protection regulation (GDPR UE 2016/679), explains what cookies are, what they are for and how to disable them. In fact, when the site opens, the window opens that allows the user to read information on the use of cookies, the ability to learn more and how to disable them, before starting the navigation.
Information we can acquire from the user
Through cookies you can acquire and process the following information concerning the user:

• information (such as name, e-mail address, billing and shipping address, telephone number, payment information) provided by the user when filling out forms on the Website, such as when registering on the Website, signing up for a service.

• login data and password associated with access to your account;

• the data of all the transactions carried out by the user through the Website;

The user is not obligated to provide the above information, however, if he chooses not to provide the requested information, we may not be able to offer certain services.

When the user visits the Site, we may automatically acquire additional information about him, such as the type of Internet browser he / she uses, the website from which he / she came to our Site and his / her IP address (the unique address that identifies your computer on the Internet), which is automatically recognized by our web server. You may not be identified by this information that is used solely to help us provide an effective service on the Site and to collect general demographic data for use in aggregate form.No personally identifiable information regarding the client other than those provided by him will be acquired (for example by e-mail or by filling out one of our online forms).
Our cookies
We use technologies such as "cookies" to capture information and store user preferences online. Cookies are small text files sent from a web server to a web browser, which allow the server to uniquely identify the browser on each page. The user can disable cookies at any time in the system settings of his browser and delete existing cookies. On our site we use the following cookie categories.

These cookies are essential in order to allow the user to move within the site and use its features. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide the services requested by the user, such as to remember their access data or items in the cart.

These cookies allow you to acquire anonymous information about the way in which people use our site. For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to help us understand how customers arrive on our site, browse within or use it and to highlight the areas where we could make improvements, including browsing, buying experience and marketing campaigns. The information stored by these cookies never include personal details from which it is possible to establish the individual identity of the user.

These cookies remember the choices made by the user, such as the country from which visits our site, the language and the search parameters, including size / size, color or product line. They can therefore be used to provide the user with a more appropriate experience for their selections and to make their visits to the Site more personalized and enjoyable. The data acquired from these cookies can be anonymous and do not allow tracking of the user's browsing activity on other websites.

These cookies acquire information on the user's browsing habits in order to make advertising more relevant to him and his interests. They are also used to limit the number of times the user views an advertisement and to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Cookies are generally installed by third-party advertising networks. Cookies store websites visited by the user and such information is shared with third parties, such as advertisers. For example, we use third-party companies to offer you more personalized ads when you visit other websites.

These cookies allow the user to share their activity on the Site on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. These cookies are not under our control. To know how they work, we invite you to consult the respective privacy policy. If the user wishes to delete all cookies already present on his computer, he must refer to the support and support area of ​​the Internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory in which the cookies are stored, bearing in mind that their deactivation could prevent access to some areas of the site or compromise the correct functionality, not allowing, for example, the improvement of the contractual relationship.

Login to Stripe account that collect personal information

Contacting the user that collect personal information like the email address

Contacting the user that collect personal information like the email address

Paypal: collect personal information, purchase history, usage data, billing information, payment details, device information, phone number, tracking tools, various types of data as specified by the service's privacy policyStripe: various types of Data as specified by the service's privacy policy

Google Tag Manager collects data like personal data, usage data, tracking tools

PayPal button and widget collects data like personal data, usage data, tracking tools

Log In with Paypal collects various types of Data as specified by the service's privacy policy

Iubenda Consent & Cookies Solution: collects personal information, data disclosed while using the service, tracking tools

Webflow collects personal data, usage data, tracking tools, various types of data as specified by the service's privacy policy

Google Fonts & Adobe Fonts that collects personal information, usage data, various types of data as specified by the service's privacy policy

Other legal basis for transfer of Data to third countries, Transfer of Data to countries that guarantee European standards, Transfer to third countries based on consent, and Transfer to third countries based on standard contractual clauses

Google Analytics 4 collects tracking services

To disable the traceability of Google Analytics on all websites, you must visit the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics.

If the user wishes to disable other third-party cookies related to behavioral advertising, he must visit The deactivation of these cookies does not mean that the user will no longer receive online advertising, but only that the company or companies whose cookies have been deactivated will no longer publish personalized ads based on the user's preferences and usage patterns. To get more information about cookies you can always consult the site of the privacy guarantor. We (and other third parties acting on our behalf) will be able to automatically track and acquire information on IP address, domain service, country location, time zone, language, type of computer and web browser in use and the pages visited by the user (also through the use of web beacons and other similar technologies). If you access our site via your mobile device, we may also collect information about your mobile service provider and your mobile device. We will use this data to be able to administer and improve our system, analyze trends, track user movements, collect mass demographic information for use in aggregate form and detect suspicious or fraudulent transactions. If such automated processes refuse the transaction of the user considering it suspicious or fraudulent, the user can contact us and ask us to reconsider the decision within 21 days of receipt of such notification. It is likely that we will use very similar criteria to examine the transaction in person, so there is no guarantee that this decision will be different.

The Personal Data collected is used to provide services to the User or to sell products, including payment and possible delivery. The Personal Data collected to finalize the payment may be that related to the credit card, bank account used for the transfer or other payment instruments provided. The Payment Data collected by this Application depends on the payment system used.

Preference cookie stores the User's preferences detected on this Application, such as their fusorarium and region, in the local domain.

- sessionStorage
sessionStorage allows this Application to store and access Data directly from the User's browser. The Data in sessionStorage is automatically deleted when the session ends (in other words, when the browser tab is closed).

- localStorage
localStorage allows this Application to store and access data directly from the User's browser without an expiration date.
Privacy Policy
Parabien S.R.L., the data controller, informs its customers and users, in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation UE 2016/679, of the possibility of exercising the rights in a simple way provided for by the current legislation on the protection of any information referable to them.

In particular, it makes known that, as the data controller, it is aware of the data entered by the user in the appropriate fields to perform the registration or to request the subscription to the newsletter, for which a suitable separate brief information is made.

In the broader perspective of the contractual relationship between the parties, it is also aware of all the data necessary for completing the order and therefore for the completion of the synallagma and for the management of the related tax and tax obligations.

Consequently, the legal bases that make lawful the processing of such data and those used in the pre-contractual phase are the purchase contract stipulated between the parties and the legislative provisions applicable to the case in point.

Likewise, the purposes of data processing are respectively the refinement of the registration to the site, the subscription to the newsletter and the conclusion of the contractual relationship.

Customer data will only be stored if and as long as they are needed or as long as they will be retained for specific legislative provision.

For some specific types of data, for example those collected through cookies, please refer to the related policy.

The data provided by the interested party, to the extent that they are necessary for the conclusion of the contractual obligation, may be transferred to third-country sites, subject to verification of the existence of an adequacy decision or, in the case of transfers referred to Article 46 or 47, or the second paragraph of Article 49, with appropriate or appropriate safeguards.

The data provided at the time of registration are used only for the purpose of allowing the user to improve the contractual relationship through the site. Should the holder recognize the need to use the data for a different purpose, for example for advertising purposes, he will take care to ask for a free, specific, detailed and informed consent.

The interested parties, in accordance with the GDPR UE 2016/679, have in any case the right to access their data, to request rectification, updating, portability or cancellation, without prejudice to the limitations imposed by the contract or by the law in force. relation to the exercise of these rights; they also have the right to oppose the processing or to request its limitation and to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

The data controller declares that he is processing the data of the subjects with whom he has contractual relationships in compliance with the requirements of GDPR UE 2016/679 and in particular article 32, guaranteeing to hire, following the correct and complete execution of an data protection impact assessment, appropriate measures to the risk that the treatment can exercise on the rights and freedoms of the people.

The revision of these measures takes place every time (for example, when new technological solutions are introduced) the data controller sees the necessity or the opportunity. For this purpose the data controller declares that he will be able to publish the results of this evaluation on the site, together with his own personal data protection policy.

Finally, the data processor informs that, in case of data breach or loss, he is required to inform the supervisory authority and, where applicable, also the customer.

For more information on the specific processing of data entered during navigation, for example those related to credit cards for the execution of the payment, please also refer to the site's cookies policy, which contains all the measures taken to protect customer data, and to the terms and conditions section.

For the exercise of all rights relating to the protection of personal data, the interested party can directly contact the data controller by sending an e-mail to